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Shooter Jennings And The Werewolves Of L.A. Do Zevon


Image of Shooter Jennings And The Werewolves Of L.A. Do Zevon

RELEASE DATE: November 3, 2023

Shooter Jennings celebrates the late, great Warren Zevon. "I just wanted to challenge myself. I've been touring and playing piano with Brandie Carlile for two years in her band," Jennings explained of his new Zevon-centric project, in conversation with Rolling Stone. "And I'd really like to woodshed at the piano so much more. I'd been teaching myself a lot, so that'll make this fun and exciting..." He added, "With Zevon, I didn't realize I until I learned all these songs we were rehearsing, was how similar his vocal range and his style logically, the keys he's choosing, is very much a lot like myself. There's a lot of overlaps with my own life [and his]," he continued. "And I just have such an admiration for the simplicity of his songwriting. The chords and things, it's all very simple, but it's so artistic and biting. Lyrically, he can chop a whole forest down with one word - it's amazing."